Why Arcadia?

Arcadia is a microcosm of Greece. All the elements you picture when Greece comes to mind are here in one small area that is easy to get to (3 hours from Athens airport). Then Arcadia adds even more with surprises you would not normally expect to find in Greece. It truly is the richest area balancing everything a walker could want to see.

The Historical World
Arcadia has a fascinating history. Starting with  pre-historic sites such as Kastro (10 minutes walk from our base in Tyros), through the ancient times of Mycenae and the city states with tombs, temples and ruined cities, often unexplored and unvisited. Through Roman times with aqueducts we can follow through the countryside over spectacular bridges spanning river gorges and Roman Villa sites still being unearthed today. On to Byzantium where we can explore ruined castles and living monasteries clinging on to gorge walls and hidden away in tiny valleys. We can visit examples of all periods in our weekly itinerary. Inside the park there are numerous protected and preserved historical villages.


The Natural World

Arcadia is home to a huge national park of protected environments from the mountain tops of the Parnon range to the wetlands of Moustos. This protection means that the area is managed with environmental benefits in harmony with the local rural economy to safeguard its 69 endemic plants and the wide range of wildlife including the golden jackal and otters.

Location of Tyros, Arcadia

Both the mountain range and the wetland are home to a huge range of birds including golden eagles, short toed eagles, Bonelli’s eagles, marsh harriers, osprey and kingfishers to name a few.

One of the many orchid types found here