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The car rides to and from the walks with Greece on Foot are as spectacular as the walks themselves. It is wonderful for me because I am an off roader at heart. These drives are my ideal because they include beautiful scenery, a bit of thrill, and fantastic conversation.


So many eagles! How wonderful! Though we didn't do too badly on our visit in May - 3 different species in two days!


Greece on Foot is an interesting team. They are a small group of walkers who love Arcadia.

Routes are graded from easy, through moderate, to challenging. The terrain covers seaside paths to mountain peaks and everything in between.


A perfect holiday - just the right balance of walking, wildlife and relaxation. The sheer profusion of flowers in early April was stunning. Loved the fact that we ate a different taverna each day - all of the food fresh, local and delicious. Highly recommended!