Scenes from previous walks....

The seaside village of Tyros

Many caves can be found in the limestone Parnon mountains

The picturesque traditional mountain village of Kastanitsa

Moustos Lake (near Astros) is a paradise for birdwatchers

Megali Tourla - the highest point in the Parnon range

Arkadia combines coastal and mountain scenery





Wendy Copage, walk leader for Greece on Foot
Wendy and a friend

Our Walkers' Comments

"Our holiday with Greece on Foot left us with a great sense of achievement. Wendy takes you to places that you would never find alone and where you feel as if you are literally on top of the world, surrounded only by nature. She adapts her walks to suit the walkers she is with and so it is easy to relax and enjoy the experience knowing that you are in safe hands"
Sue D, Suffolk

"Walking with Wendy will always be one of my best memories. I have walked the whole South West Coastal Path in England and the Milford Track in New Zealand. But if I had to choose one place I would come back to, it would be Arcadia. I would recommend it to any serious walker."
Tom B, Devon

"We spent many glorious days walking in the mountains of Arcadia and Wendy was an ideal guide. She knows more of these ancient footpaths and goat tracks than anyone else and is also knowledgeable about the history of the area and the local fauna and flora. Wendy has lived in Greece for many years and is a fluent Greek speaker so we were able to talk to villagers and the occasional shepherd we met."

Ian and Marion, Yorkshire

"The charming village of Tyros was an excellent base for our walking holiday. There were several great beachside tavernas - our favourite was the Akroyiali, where our table was almost in the sea! Our hotel was very friendly and was right by the harbour. We enjoyed sitting on the balcony at the end of each day watching the fishing boats unload their catch."

Robert & Sylvia, Bristol

"This part of Greece is a fantastic location and ideal for walking. We were amazed how much variety there was in the week we explored the area with Greece on Foot. We saw beautiful monasteries and visited exquisite villages set in fabulous mountain forests. The next day we would be swimming at a deserted white pebble bay. All this in such a small area."

Martin H, Glasgow

"Walking in stunning scenery, eating in the tavernas of the mountain villages, and wonderful company can all be summed up as an Arcadian Dream. I can think of no better place in the world to walk, carpets of wild flowers and the wonderful smells of herbs as we brush by them and best of all, the birds, Golden Eagles, Buzzards, Falcons and songbirds are only some of the birds you will see and hear. Then back for a swim in the glorious clear blue sea outside the hotel. Walking with Wendy is an experience and memory I will always cherish."

Rosemarie, Ireland

"What we liked most about this holiday was the variety. We had been to Greece several times before but mainly to the islands and had never realised just how varied the Peloponnese can be. We loved walking in spectacular, unspoilt mountain scenery, visiting traditional villages where the locals still use donkeys for transport and exploring untouched ancient sites.

We found the food in the local restaurants to be excellent and were pleasantly surprised by the wide range of cooked meals and all the tasty starters. On one day, we went to the mountain village of Kastanitsa and had pork and chestnuts at Anna’s Taverna - not to be missed!

We thought Tyros was delightful and enjoyed evenings wandering along the seafront. Everyone we met was very friendly especially Tassos and Roula (who run the Oceanis Hotel) and of course Wendy's inside knowledge of the area's secrets was a highlight.
Richard & Manda, Poole

"The walking in this area is spectacular. The mule tracks meander up the hillside at a comfortable gradient and the wild herbs and flowers add to the experience. Wendy's local knowledge means you invariably meet some colourful locals and end up in some colourful local for a well deserved beverage."

Lygouria aka "Windmill Beach"
"Windmill beach"
(next to Tyros)