Welcome to Greece On Foot!

Whether walking for you is about the big pictures of open scenes of mountain tops or horizons over the sea, or about small details of a flower you can see nowhere else in the world, walking in Arcadia can give you what you are looking for and so much more.

Arcadia is the original vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature, an idyll of unspoilt wilderness. It is still here, alive right under our feet as we walk the old paths.

Let us show you the details and the vistas, the simple enjoyment of walking the old ways, with birdsong and goat bells. Not a sign of the modern world to interrupt the sun rising over the water and touching the green peaks above us.

Sunset at Trikeri (near Tyros)



About Us

Greece on Foot is run by a small group of walkers who love Arcadia with a passion. This is a living community of farmers working as they have for centuries; picking olives and carobs, tending their animals and walking the mountains with their donkeys and mules.

Greece on Foot aims to balance safety and adventure and exercise with relaxation. Our programmes combine planning with flexibility and include days in the mountains and time by the sea.

You will walk with small groups (no more than 8) of like minded people. Our experienced walk leader, Wendy Copage, has been a walker all her life starting with the Lake District and Scotland, then Greece to which she moved in 1989.

For a decade Wendy led walks for a hiking group in Athens and for the last 8 years has been leading small groups of nature lovers and Hellenophiles in Arcadia. She also helps to organise a local Greek walking club.

Wendy has a detailed knowledge of the local fauna and flora and knows where to find the endemic plants, and where to pick the best herbs in season: oregano, thyme, rosemary, mountain tea and greens. She has had the best teachers... the local women who learnt from their grandmothers!

Wendy's fluent Greek allows her to learn all the local history and special secrets to share with our walkers.